The 9th European GBIF Nodes Meeting was held in Stockholm Monday to Thursday May 8-11, arranged by the Swedish GBIF node at the Swedish Museum of Natural History. Altogether 30 representatives from 13 of the 22 European GBIF voting or associate participant nodes and the GBIF secretariat in Copenhagen attended the meeting and the accompanying technical workshop on the development and implementation of Atlas of Living Australia technology for national web portals.

The annual European GBIF Nodes Meeting gives opportunity to nodes staff to meet and receive first-hand information of recent and up-coming activities organized by the GBIF secretariat and individual nodes, and of existing and planned collaborative projects and initiatives. Additionally at this meeting thematic discussions were held on: recent advances of nodes portals and their additions to the Living Atlases community; the progress of event-based data; and the possibility of adding DNA sequence data into the GBIF repository. Strategic planning of common European interests is another recurrent and important topic of the European nodes meetings. Activities for 2017-2018 were aligned with the GBIF Strategic and Implementation Plans with special focus on: Deliver Relevant Data, Improve Data Quality, Fill Data Gaps, Enhance Biodiversity Information Infrastructure, Empower Global Network.

The Living Atlases workshop attracted developers from Sweden, Spain, Germany, France, UK and Norway treating current deployment methods, changing and rolling out ALA components using Docker, plus adding non-core components.