The technical coordinator, Vicente Ruiz Jurado of the Atlas of Living Spain, will be responsible for supporting developers, improving technical documentation and building a shared roadmap. The administrative coordinator, Marie Elise Lecoq of VertNet, will oversee communication, explore and document governance models and create training modules.

The LA community launched two video tutorials on 18 June 2019 with the aim of enabling end-users to take full advantage of the Atlases. The videos are one key output from a project to improve documentation for the Living Atlases funded through the 2018 Capacity Enhancement Support Programme (CESP). Both videos are available in English with subtitles in French, Spanish and Portuguese.

The first video demonstrates the structure of a Living Atlas including how to search, refine and download biodiversity data.
The second video focuses on the spatial components of the Atlas including the regions module, which allows the user to find species recorded within a defined region.