Currently a new digital infrastructure for biodiversity data is under construction. We need your help coming up with a name suitable for the new infrastructure. Behind the collaboration stands Biodiversity Atlas Sweden (BAS) situated at The Swedish Museum of Natural History and Swedish LifeWatch (SLW), situated at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Our vision is to establish a cost effective infrastructure which enables a groundbreaking and interdisciplinary research in biodiversity and ecosystem, both nationally and internationally.
The new infrastructure will provide information about species and habitats occurring in Sweden and also services which makes it possible to visualize and analyze these data. Specifically the infrastructure will handle for example citizen science data, natural history collections, systematic surveys, tracking- and sensor data and molecular and microbial biodiversity data.

The infrastructure is primarily for researchers but will also be available as a tool for strategic work concerning accumulation of biodiversity data. The infrastructure will simplify international collaboration and also make it easier for researchers to influence future development of the infrastructure.
We have a clear vision of what we want, but we have no idea what to call the vision. Therefore we need your help to come with names that are suitable for this infrastructure.

The proposals need to meet two citeria:

  1. The suggested name must have some affiliation to biodiversity and the work that will be conducted
  2. The name must work in Swedish and English.

If you have a proposal, go to this page and fill in the formula. We need the name and a short motivation. You don’t have to leave any personal information.

The new name will be announced this fall.