The Bergius Herbarium is a part of the Bergius Foundation of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. The Bergius Herbarium is the Bergius Foundations historical collection and originates from the collections made by Peter Jonas Bergius (1730-1790), who was a professor at Collegium Medicum in Stockholm.

Bergius was a disciple of Linnaeus, and a dedicated botanist, concentrating on the Cape flora. Like Linnaeus, Bergius obtained many of his specimens from other botanists like many of the famous Linnaean "apostles", from East India Company travelers - especially Michael Grubb, and others. The Bergius Herbarium was further enriched after Bergius' death by professors Olof Swartz and Emanuel Wikström. The last accessions were made in 1856. There are also important collections of F. Hasselquist, P. Kalm, J. G. König, C. Linnaeus, P. Löfling, P. Osbeck, P. S. Pallas, D. Rolander, P. Sonnerat, O. P. Swartz, A. Thouin, C.H. Wänman, C.G. Ekeberg and C. P. Thunberg.

The Bergius Herbarium includes specimens of angiosperms, gymnosperms, algae, bryophytes, fungi and lichens, including some type specimens. The Bergius Herbarium is one of the largest 18th century herbaria in Sweden with more than 17 000 sheets and resides in the Bergius Botanical Garden. About 7200 are included in this dataset.

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Kingdoms covered include: Plantae.

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