This database contains specimens of invertebrates from the Gothenburg natural history museum, collected from the early 1800´s to the present. New specimens are added continuously. The main bulk of the collection consists of ethanol-preserved specimens of marine benthic invertebrates (notably L.A. Jägerskiölds marine survey 1921-1938 and the Swedish Taxonomy Initiative´s marine survey 2004-2009), parasitic worms from the Swedish west coast (notably collections from Peter Olsson and Orvar Nybelin) and dry mollusc shells. However, there are both wet and dry preserved specimens of a wide array of taxa from the entire world.

Taxonomic range

Kingdoms covered include: Animalia and Protista.

The Invertebrates Collection includes members from the following taxa:
Foraminiferan protista and all Metazoa, except Vertebrata, Hexapoda, Myriapoda, Arachnida and Pulmonata and various terrestrial Gastropoda..

Geographic range

The collection consists of specimens from the entire globe, but with main focus on the southwest region of Sweden with the Skagerrak and Kattegatt seas.

Number of specimens in the collection

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