GBIF – the Global Biodiversity Information Facility – is an international network and research infrastructure funded by the world’s governments and aimed at providing anyone, anywhere, open access to data about all types of life on Earth.

84 miljoner till SBDI

24 October, 2019 BioAtlas, Biodiversity Atlas Sweden, Biodiversity Informatics, GBIF, GBIF-Sweden, In Swedish, News, Swedish LifeWatch

Vetenskapsrådet tillsammans med medfinansiärer har beviljat 84 miljoner kronor för perioden 2021-2024 till utvecklandet och byggandet av forskningsinfrastrukturen Svensk Biodiversitetsdatainfrastruktur (SBDI).

Image: 84 miljoner till SBDI

Symbiotic relationships between trees and microbes governed by climate

29 August, 2019 Biodiversity Informatics, Data use, GBIF, GBIF-Sweden, News, Research, Swedish LifeWatch

In and around the roots of the trees are fungi and bacteria living in symbiosis with the trees, exchanging nutrients for carbon. An effort to map the most common symbiosis types - based on data from more than 1.1 million specimens and 28,000 tree species - has revealed factors that determine where different types of mycorrhizae and nitrogen-fixing bacteria will thrive. The work can help researchers understand how symbiosis shapes the world's forests and how they can be affected by a warmer climate.

Image: Symbiotic relationships between trees and microbes governed by climate