”Most early career scientists are today confronted with big data in their research projects and we feel that we need to provide some guidance about theory, methods and tools when dealing with such large data volumes”, says the workshop organizer Jesper Bladt.

Participants in the course ‘Machine Learning for Biologists’, Photo: Jesper Bladt

To this end the course leaders brought together a team of experts in data science and biodiversity research from Scandinavia and Estonia. They designed computer exercises and build up a course program where students apply deep learning methods to newly emerging analytical problems in ecology, such as image processing and species distribution analyses. After three days, a new course had been established on an emerging hot topic, and it is likely to attract many students in the future. The workshop was financed by the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC) and featured invited teachers from Aarhus University, the Gothenburg Global Biodiversity Center (GGBC), and the Swedish Biodiversity Data Infrastructure (SBDI).

Lecture in progress, Photo: Jesper Bladt