Two recently published R packages have been added to the stack of pre-installed packages available in Mirroreum.

SSDM is a new R package for creating stacked species distributions models. Free and open source, the SSDM package takes datasets of species presence/absence records and environmental variables, outputting maps of SSDMs based on a range of statistical methods. If absence records are required and not available, the package can generate pseudo-absences or use background data.
SSDM features a user-friendly graphical interface to accommodate loading of input data, modelling, and displaying the resulting model maps with an indication of the accuracy and performance. You can read more about the package in the original article.

The BIEN R package allows users to access the multiple types of data available in the Botanical Information and Ecology Network (BIEN) database. The BIEN database comprises a wealth of cleaned and standardized botanical data, containing e.g. 81 million occurrence records from c. 375,000 species, c. 915,000 trait observations across 28 traits from c. 93,000 species, and co‐occurrence records from 110,000 ecological plots globally. You can read more about the package in the original article or try both new packages in our online analysis platform by requesting an account to Mirroreum.