The annual European GBIF Nodes Meeting gives opportunity to nodes staff to meet and receive first-hand information of recent and up-coming activities organized by the GBIF Secretariat and individual country nodes. This year the meeting took place in Tallinn, Estonia May 13-16 where ca. 30 representatives from nodes across Europe met to discuss coming activities and update the European work programme. The meeting also featured two side events: one Guided birdwatching tour to the Matsalu National Park, and one guided excursion in the Tallinn Botanical Garden.

Existing and planned GBIF-related activities and collaboration opportunities were discussed in regard to new nodes establishment, to widening of the scope of data types presented by GBIF (in particular event-based data), to the introduction of the Biodiversity Open Data Ambassadors concept, and to the planning of the upcoming Global Biodiversity Information Conference 2 later this summer.

In addition a seminar was held at the Estonian Academy of Science on the topic ‘global and national biodiversity data portals’, including the official launch of the renewed ALA-based national Estonian Biodiversity Data portal. The seminar was aired live and will also be available to stream shortly.