The 2017 GBIF Ebbe Nielsen Challenge will award prizes to developers and data scientists who create tools that increase the accessibility and interoperability of biodiversity records available in open data repositories, liberating data for wider scientific discovery and reuse.

The Challenge builds on the growing adoption of open data policies by scientific journals and research funders. To fulfill these rules, researchers have to make the data underlying their findings publicly available and often comply by depositing datasets in public open-access repositories like Dryad and Figshare.

This trend represents a crucial first step toward increasing the openness, transparency and reproducibility of science across all research domains. But in practice, such datasets are not aligned with common standards that ensure the kind of interoperability and re-usability envisioned for high-quality open data.

The 2017 Ebbe Nielsen Challenge tasks entrants to develop web applications, scripts or other tools that automate the discovery and extraction of relevant biodiversity data from open data repositories.
Read more about the 2017 Ebbe Nielsen Challenge here.